RAD 2018


How to reach Herceg Novi by plane

There are two airports in the vicinity of Herceg Novi: Tivat, Montenegro (25 km), and Dubrovnik, Croatia (30 km). There is no regular scheduled transportation from these airports to the City of Herceg Novi, and only taxi service is available.

We will try to organize the shuttles convenient for the majority of participants for both airports, at very favourable prices.

When you plan your travel and decide to buy air plane ticket, please take in your mind that the most number of participants will come in Sunday, some of them in Saturday and other days. Also most participants will departure on Saturday, and Sunday. Also, it is most appropriate do not use flights that arrive/departure in the early morning and in late evening.

In addition, please note that the conference sessions will last from Monday, June 10, in the morning, to Friday, June 14, 2019, in the afternoon, and try to come not later than Sunday and to leave not earlier than Saturday. Moreover, the Conference desk will begin to work from Sunday, June 9, in the morning.

The sooner you buy your flight ticket and send us your flight details, the higher are the chances that we will be able to use our special shuttle service! If the time of the flight does not correspond to the schedule of the shuttles, we will try to arrange more favourable prices for the taxi transportation. More detailed information about shuttles will be posted in due time on web page: www.rad2019.rad-conference.org/shuttes.php

1) Direct flight to Tivat Airport and shuttle bus/taxi to Herceg Novi: the City of Herceg Novi is 25 km and about 60 min far (because of ferry using, the time is something longer than someone can expect).

2) Flight to Tivat Airport via Belgrade Airport: there are 5 daily flights from Belgrade to Tivat, and Belgrade is connected by direct flights with many destinations.

3) Flight to Dubrovnik Airport and shuttle bus/taxi to Herceg Novi, which is 30 km and about 60 minutes far (because of border passing, the time is something longer than someone can expect). Dubrovnik Airport Summer Timetable is available here! , and Dubrovnik is connected with many destination: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Basel, Belfast, Berlin, Bergen, Birmingham, Bordeaux, Bristol, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Hamburg, Hannover, Helsinki, Istanbul, Leeds, London, Luxembourg, Lyon, Ljubljana, Madrid, Manchester, Marseille, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Nantes, Nápoli, Newcastle, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Zürich